donderdag 3 januari 2008


Over Christmas I created a small program called rbuilder.
I needed a continuous build system that was simple enough, kind of like build-o-matic style of autobuilder but with a gtk interface.

Here's the problem. We (Willem van den Ende) and I do a training course on agile development with a lot of hands on development. So we bring laptops, setup a network and a build server and need to a build console on a beamer. Using a web interface would interfere with the firewatir test that we sometimes run so we want a gtk interface. Moreover i the network fails (it sometimes does) we want a plan-b that let trainee-pairs to run a continuous build and a software archive to run locally on their laptops. A nice little system tray icon should then show the build status.
Vera Peeters, Pascal van Cauwenberghe and me, needed the same thing for some other course as well.

Well here it is - a simple gtk - build server that can monitor multiple archives simultaneously. It written in ruby and installable as a gem. Have a look at the screen cast (soundless) to get an impression and download it to try it out yourself.

Download rbuilder gem: rbuilder-0.0.1.gem

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